Composition Vector Tree Version 2
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CVTree constructs whole-genome based phylogenetic trees without sequence alignment by using a Composition Vector (CV) approach. It was first developed to infer evolutionary relatedness of microbial organisms and then successfully applied to viruses, chloroplasts, and fungi. It circumvents the ambiguity of choosing the genes for phylogenetic reconstruction and avoids the necessity of aligning sequences of essentially different length and gene content. Please read the Online User's ManualPDF editionfor details.
Reference:  Zhao Xu, Bailin Hao, "CVTree update: a newly designed phylogenetic study platform using composition vectors and whole genomes", Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 37(Web Server issue): W174-W178.
A more powerful and faster new CVTree server is online now. Please try it here.
First Use:

If this is your first time to run CVTree or you wish to start another project, just press [Create a new project] button. You will get a project number and the CVTree Project Page appears.


Modify parameters and rerun:

If you want to revise some parameters of a previous project and run it again, you can enter your Project Number here and load the project. NOTE: project will be kept for 2 days after the last run.

Project Number:

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