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LVTreeViewer provides an interactive display of the All-Species Living Tree (LVTree) with automatic comparison with taxonomy. LVTree is an initiative of the journal Systematic and Applied Microbiology (SAM) in collaboration with a group of European microbiologists to reconstruct a single phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA sequences for all available type strains of Bacteria and Archaea, see: Yarza, P. et al. (2008) SAM 31: 241-250; (2013) SAM 36: 69-73. The latest release (, LTPs123, September 2015) is based on 11490 Bacteria and 449 Archaea sequences. Press the "Show LVTree" button to see a maximally collapsed tree. A node marked by a bullet indicates that there are more than two subordinate branches. Press the bullet to expand or to collapse a branch. Type in "Search Query" a taxon name to get to the vicinity of the interested taxon, keeping all other branches collapsed and topology unchanged. Red color indicates a monophyletic branch according to the underlying taxonomy; blue color indicates a non-monophyletic branch; taxon names in a query are shown in green. Use "Lineage Modification" to see the effect of a trial lineage modification. Please cite and read the following reference for details of usage.

Zuo GH, Zhi XY, Xu Z, Hao BL (2016) LVTree Viewer: An interactive display for the All-Species Living Tree incorporating automatic comparison with prokaryotic systematics, Genomics Proteomics & Bioinformatics 14 94–102.
Load/Create Project:
The first time you press Show LVTree , a unique Project Number, e.g., 20130810_0619_67597, will be given in the preamble and the original LVTree in maximally collapsed form will appear. If you have tried Taxonomy revisions then your revisions and the trial LVTree will be stored in your work space for 7 days after the last run. The next time you may reload the revisions and the LVTree by entering the Project Number. You may restore the original LVTree at any time by Clear text in the Taxonomy Revision window.

Loading a big tree takes time. Please be patient.